Animal Naturopath Consultation Process

First visit – Allow 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the reason for your visit.  I will let you know how long when we confirm a time.


During appointment:

I will ask questions that a conventional veterinarian does not ask.  This is because the holistic approach is to address the pet as a whole not just the symptoms or illness.  As an animal naturopath I may address diet, exercise, environment, stress, anxiety, previous complaints.  Past issues often have a way of reappearing in a different form especially if previous treatment has been suppressive e.g. treating the symptoms with antibiotics rather than addressing the cause.

Pre Appointment:

If you have taken your pet to see a veterinarian or other health practitioner for the issue, a copy of any reports will be helpful.  I will need to know all medication being given and about any past health issues and past medications, even those that are no longer causing any problems.

Where possible please provide:

  • details of any current medication

  • all health issues that have arisen throughout your pet’s lifetime

  • all past medication

  • all vaccinations given and when

  • what (if any) flea treatment has been given and when

  • what (if any) worm treatment has been given and when

  • foods being given

Depending on the reason for your visit I may send you a pre appointment form to complete which will save time during the appointment. I will review the questionnaire prior to meeting. During the appointment I will have more questions to ask to narrow down an appropriate holistic treatment regime.

Post Appointment:

Afterwards you will receive a treatment plan.  A follow up appointment(s) may well be required and or updates from yourself by email or phone. 

Diary Keeping:

Keeping a diary is very helpful in determining progress and treatment options.  Little things such as a change in demeanour are big signals in the animal world.  Animals instinctively hide signs of pain.  Bring any notes with you as sometimes it is the little signs or something you may not think is important that can be a big help in deciding which treatment to give.


As often as I can remedies will be provided in liquid form in order to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for your pet (and you).  
Avoid hiding medication in your pet’s food.  The last thing we want is an unwell pet going off their food.

More than one treatment e.g. both herbal and homeopathic may be suggested as I address the animal as a whole not just the symptoms.


This may require changing what the animal currently eats or supplements may need to be added. 

I advocate a raw based diet,                            however some illnesses and some elderly animals will require slightly cooked food. 

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