Homeopathy has been around since the 1700s. Remedies are made from plants, animals and insect products, minerals, and a few from disease matter.  

In order to prescribe a remedy many questions are asked that may seem totally irrelevant to anyone who has not been to a homeopath before.  This is where homeopathy differs from other fields.  A homeopathic remedy that helps one patient may not help another patient with the ‘same’ illness.   Questions about personality, preferences and what makes things better or worse, all help to narrow down which remedy is best for a particular individual.   The aim is to get to the root cause of an illness and how each patient gets to become ill and responds to an illness is usually different, therefore the treatment needs to be individualized in order to be effective.

Sometimes homeopathy treatment will bring up another health issue.  This is especially so when treating long term issues and a phrase used for this is ‘peeling back the onion layers’.   As one health issue is resolved another appears, so do not be alarmed if while treating one health issue a new one flares up or an old issue reappears.


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