Pets and Fireworks Season

It is that time of the year again, and I am not talking about Christmas. Guy Fawkes or firework season is nearly upon us. For some pet owners the few weeks that cover the firework season is one of misery as they see their fur babies scared and some absolutely terrified by fireworks.

Some pets are okay if kept inside with the curtains closed and the television or stereo full blast in the hope of drowning out the noise. For others it is much harder to make them feel safe. Signs your dog is scared are any of these: drooling excessively, panting, yawning alot, ears pined back, tail between legs, pacing, shaking, looking for somewhere to hide or even barking.

Cats tend to puff up and hide, they may even attack you if approached.

Creating a ‘safe’ space such as an area that can be closed off with a blanket covering either a crate or a box (cat’s love boxes) is always useful. There are some products on the market that can help such as the thundershirt, homeopathic and bach flower remedies.

There are some homeopathic remedies that can be given daily for the firework period that can help reduce the fearful state your pet gets into. Phosphorus is one remedy that is often talked about for fireworks however people often find it does not work and this is because what helps one animal will not necessarily help another. For some animals it is the fear of the unknown, others it is the noise, others it is something else. It is worthwhile having a consultation with an animal naturopath to find out which homeopathic remedy is right for your pet so that they do not get into a terrified state during the firework season.

A difficulty with fireworks is you cannot always predict when they will be let off near you pet. Depending where you live fireworks may be let off nightly over weeks. For others they may be let off sporadically. Sadly the letting off of fireworks is not restricted to Guy Fawkes day and some find their neighbours let them off on New Years eve or throughout the year.

A good general homeopathic remedy to have on hand is Aconite. It is especially useful for when the fireworks take you and your pet by surprise and your pet is badly affected with fear. There are different potencies (strengths) 30c, 200c, 1M. 30c is the least and 1M is the strongest. 200c is usually the one to give if they are scared however if your pet is petrified as in so scared they freeze, then the 1M potency is the one for them. The homeopathic remedy Aconite can be taken in conjunction with another homeopathic or bach flower remedy that is suitable for your particular pet.

If your pet is normally a particularly anxious pet then a herbal tonic or bach flower remedy containing calming herbs is useful over this period as well. They can be taken along with a homeopathic remedy.

With the firework season nearly here it is time to start preparing and looking into solutions for your fur baby.


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