Christmas time is stressful for animals as well as their owners. Some pets pick up on their owner’s stress which can lead to ‘behavioural’ issues appearing, many pets know when their owners are going away without them and become anxious, other pets find it stressful being in kennels or a cattery. Bach flower remedies can help ease anxiety during these times and are helpful for other emotional or behavioural issues.

The Christmas holidays are not far away so you need to

start thinking about how you can reduce your pet’s anxiety.

If you are leaving your pet in the care of someone else they

should be happy to give the Bach flower remedies,

which are easy to administer.

Wherever possible Bach Flower remedies should be

started a few days before an event occurs, continuing

until things are back to normal.

A New Pet as a Christmas present Puppies, kittens and rabbits are often given as presents. It is a very stressful situation for the new pet as to them they are suddenly taken away from their mother and siblings to a new environment full of strange noises and smells. Existing pets become stressed by the new comer that is getting all the attention and invading their space. Bach flowers are helpful in reducing the new pet’s anxiety and can help any existing pets adjust to the new family member.

Behavioural issues

Christmas is not the only time Bach flowers are useful. Many pets with ‘behavioural’ issues benefit from a Bach flower remedy. Sometimes it turns out to be a physical cause rather than an emotional one so this should always be considered first. For example the pet that has started to growl or snap may actually be ill rather than displaying displeasure at something.

Examples of situations where the cause needs to be pinpointed in order to select the appropriate Bach flowers:

Is the dog that barks at ‘everything’ doing so because they are scared; are they protecting their patch; are they a bad tempered grouch or is their eye sight failing?

Does the new dog at day care keep to himself

because they like being alone; are fearful;

lack self- confidence; or are they feeling

abandoned by their owner.

Your pet shakes when at the vets or groomers. Have they had a bad experience; is it the environment; the car ride; they don’t like be touched….

Other examples where a personalised Bach flower remedy can be useful:

If your pet is scheduled for surgery Bach flowers can help with calming them before surgery and help in recovery situations

If your pet has a terminal illness Bach flowers can help both the pet and the owner when the time comes to ‘let go’

You are going away and your pet has separation anxiety

Safe and easy to use

Bach flowers also known as Flower Essences are a safe, non-addictive natural treatment option for emotional and behavioural issues. They are easy to administer; in the mouth, via paws or in drinking water; depending on the animal and the situation. They were first developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s. Rescue remedy is the most well-known and is a good remedy to have on hand for first aid situations. Rescue remedy is sometimes called Five Flower Essence as it is made up of five essences. There are 38 Bach flower remedies to choose from. Many situations require a combination of a few remedies. To find which combination of Bach flower essences are right for your particular pet, a consultation should be carried out to try and find the root cause of the issue.

The Edward Bach Organisation say “Domestic and wild animals are highly sentient, often highly intelligent, beings with well-developed emotional capacities, and they can benefit greatly from flower remedies to help them through all the many upsets that may befall them in their lives. In fact, because they are free of all the emotional garbage, false beliefs, greed and envy that humans suffer from, they often respond faster and better to flower remedies than many people do. Dogs, horses, cats and birds respond marvellously to them…”

Whether it is a pet adjusting to a new home; new addition to the family – a baby or another pet; missing an owner or family member; illness; adjusting to boarding kennel/cattery or day care; jealousy; learning difficulty; post-surgery; any other behavioural issue; get in touch for a personalised Bach flower remedy.

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