What does an Animal Naturopath do?

What does an animal naturopath do?

An animal naturopath is trained in animal anatomy and physiology, small animal nutrition, nursing, therapeutics along with natural remedies; homeopathy, herbs for animals, bach flowers and tissue salts. They provide natural holistic treatments for your dog, cat, horse and other small furries. At Cath’s Place treatment plans encompass a combination of Nutrition adjustments, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathic remedies, Therapeutics and Bach flowers depending on the situation.


Herbal remedies for dogs, cats and horses come in various forms depending on what requires treating and the animal itself. Usually a number of herbs are combined in a formula in order to address the body as a whole. Why it is not a good idea to buy something from the health shop yourself.

  • possible interaction with medication

  • the need to combine herbs in order to treat the whole body

  • not all herbs combine together well

  • animals are not given the same quantity as a human

  • some herbs are toxic to animals, especially cats

  • generally more than one herb is required

  • some herbs should only be taken short term

Herbs can be used in many situations including:

* Organ (kidney, liver) support when on long * Digestive issues including diarrhea term medication such as steroids and constipation

* Cancer Support * Thyroid Issues

* Cushings disease * Autoimmune illnesses

* Ear and Eye Issues * Muscle and Joint Disorders

* Diabetes * Urinary tract infection

Bach Flowers/Flower Essences for Dogs and Cats

* Emotional Issues (e.g. anxiety, grief) * Settling into new environment

* Jealousy * Fear


Homeopathy has been around since the 1700s. Remedies are made from plants, animals and insect products, minerals, and a few from disease matter.

Homeopathic remedies for dogs, cats, horses etc. can be used for many issues, for example:

* Pain relief * Joint/muscle issues

* Skin issues * First Aid

* Fear/Anxiety e.g. fireworks, thunder * Travel sickness


Different life stages and illness require differing levels of proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. Treatment plans include any alterations to diet or additional supplements that may be needed.


Practitioner grade supplements can be ordered through Cath’s Place. Delivery can be made to you, or you can collect from Caths Place.

* Joint issues * Skin issues

* Immune system * Post antibiotics

* Cancers * Aged related issues

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