Natural Treatment Options for your Dog or Cat's Skin Condition

One of the main reasons people take their dog or cat to the vet is for skin issues. The standard treatment given by vets is steroids and or antibiotics. One of the downsides to this type of treatment is that it does not address the cause. For a short period of time these treatments often seem to ‘fix’ the problem when in reality all they do is clear up a symptom e.g. rash or itch without really curing or eliminating the actual cause. Another downside is if your pet is on steroids for a long time serious side effects occur such as muscle atrophy (weakness), increased thirst which leads to extra stress on the kidneys, potential to cause other illness/disease such as Cushing’s disease.

What are the causes of itchy skin and rashes?

First you need to understand that the skin, ears, eyes and bowels are all outlets for the body to eliminate unwanted things. By not finding the cause itself and merely dealing with the symptoms i.e. rash, ear discharge; the body will find another way to get rid of what is bothering it. This is why a rash may go away only to come back worse or your pet starts having ear infections or vice versa. There is no one cause, however diet and immune system play a major part in how your pet’s body responds. Other factors may be the cause e.g. flea allergy, overload of toxins from chemicals, grasses, environmental factors, stress, bacterial or yeast infection.

Dry food is a major culprit but pets fed a meat diet may also have skin or ear issues. Not all meat is equal in terms of what fat and protein content they have, see my blog about feeding a variety of meat

Many people have tried the ‘prescription’ diet from their vet clinic. There is no medicine in the food and the ingredients are basically the same as other dried food, so in reality these ‘prescription’ diets are no different to other dried food.

A couple of examples of skin issues I have treated successfully are:

A young 3 year old dog who had suffered from a belly rash on and off for most of her young life. She had been on antihistamines and topical steroid cream. The owner came to me when these no longer had an effect, and the vet had started their dog on long term prednisone (steroid tablets) which they noticed was producing side effects of increased drinking leading to urinating inside and panting . An elimination diet followed by changing her diet to raw/BARF along with a homeopathic remedy has meant no more prednisone and the rash only returning when they feed her certain meat such as beef or venison.

A 6 year old dog that had very scaly patches of skin that she scratched until it bleed. A herbal cream, a small tweak to diet, grooming tips and a homeopathic remedy (different to the other dogs) has lead to an itch free life.

Other than using steroids or antibiotics what can be done?

If you are feeding 'kibble' or dried food a change to a raw meat or BARF based diet is a great start. Have a look at the Nutrition pages on my website for some pointers. If you would like some help I address diet and suggest an initial healing or rebuilding diet along with supplements to help from the inside, followed by a diet plan for long term. Depending on the issue herbs can be beneficial either as a tonic to be taken or topical application and homeopathy is another tool that I have used successfully.

Contact me if you would like to discuss your pet's health issues

Email. Phone: 021668249

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