My dog used to be petrified of fireworks season. He'd completely shut down and shake and pant violently. I worked with Cath to find a homeopathic remedy solution that helped him calm down. I didn't want to have to medicate him either traditional medications. With some tweaking, Cath really helped find a solution for us that I knew was safe for my boy and helped him cope. Thank you so much :)

AJ Barty

Cath has been fantastic, offering many different homeopathic solutions over the past 2 years, to our lovely Monty, a 14 and a half year old golden retriever, with elderly dogs ailments - from a droopy eye, Omega 3 for his old joints and a tincture to help his body cope with his degenerative myleopathy. 
In addition she has helped us all with Bach flower remedies specifically to help us grieve and cope following his sad passing. Cath you are a star

Caren Martin

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